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I think it's important to give an indication of the rough cost of designing a book – but of course every project is different so please don't hesitate to email me for a quote tailored to your project.



Ebook Conversion

(from a book I've designed)

£150-200 for plain text books and books with a few images. I will provide a reflowable EPub ready for upload, complete with hyperlinks, interactive table of contents etc.

Books with lots of images and/or graphs/diagrams can be more complex to prepare – please contact me for an accurate quote.

For coffee table books and cookbooks, fixed layout EPubs are a more appropriate format – please contact me for an accurate rate.


Design packages

For projects where I design both the cover and internals I can provide a 10% discount on the project. 



Paperback covers

from £350 for a simple cover with a single concept and/or picture provided by client.

Full jacket spreads

with flaps from £400.

To include a choice of designs, conversations on font and colour choices and a barcode if required. I will take care to ascertain the theme and style and read the blurb or synopsis carefully.

IIt's also useful to see examples of other covers you like.

On completion I will provide you with a print-ready PDF file. Stock photography or illustrations are a (usually small) extra charge.



Rates are for books consisting of

92 pages or more.

£2.50 a page for plain text books. 


£3.00 a page for books with fewer than 50 illustrations or photographs


£3.50 a page for books with text and more than 50 illustrations or photographs.


I can sometimes work to reduced rates for very straightforward titles and / or regular clients.


For books requiring a high level of design work, contact me for a more accurate quote.


Samples available on request

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