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  • What do you need to design my cover?
    To begin with the front cover design, I require the chosen book dimensions, and if possible, the details of the printing company / platform. It's useful to get as much information as possible about expectations for the cover, including examples of other books in the genre you like. I also require the full title, author name and any promotional text you would like to appear on the front. You might want to specify typeface preferences or give examples of fonts you like. For the full cover spread, I would need to ascertain the dimensions (either the client or I can obtain this information from the print platform). For some platforms this is easy to obtain on the proviso we have the page extent of the internals and the choice of paper stock. I also require the ISBN (I can make you a barcode if required), blurb, price, logo (if applicable) and any specific requirements for design you might have,
  • How can I contact you?
    I work via email. I find this the best way of keeping track of a project, due to having a trail of communication. You can either message me via this website, or via email to I can usually reply within a couple of days if not before. If you need to phone me, WhatsApp me or Zoom me this can be arranged!
  • How do I supply pictures that I would like you to use?
    Any pictures you supply should be at least 300 dpi, and large enough for the space (for example if the book if 5 inches wide the picture should also be at least this wide, Don't worry too much about colour adjustment, I can make sure the settings are print-ready. But the resolution needs to be as high as possible for good results. Groups of pictures should be put in a folder, and then sent via a platform such as I can help with this if there is any confusion.
  • How to I pay you for your services?
    For new clients I ask for between 25% and 50% payment upfront when I begin work. I then invoice you for the balance minus this deposit when I send you your complete project. Payments can be made via bank transfer. Receipt of payment within 2 weeks of the invoice is greatly appreciated. I also accept Paypal – this is often the easiest option for customers outside of the UK. You can also employ me and pay me via the plaform. Although this can be more expensive because they platform charges commission, they guarantee security for clients who need this and can set up payment schedules etc.
  • How long will it take to design my book?
    I've never missed a deadline yet! It's much easier to complete a project if the content is delivered to me in one go, with clear instructions. I can usually complete projects within 2-3 weeks, but those with a high level of design consideration are obiously more time consuming. Equally, some more straightforward projects can be completed within a week. Please do contact me if you have a really tight deadline, I can always try to accommodate.
  • What do you need to design / typeset my book internals?
    I require the edited manuscript (usually a word doc), the book size (dimensions), title, author name, publication info (copyright etc) and logo if necessary. Some clients have a page extent ready, which I can usually work with. Many printing companies work in 'signatures' of 32 or 16 pages (eg, 160, 192, 224, 256, 288, 320 etc...) If there are pictures that need to appear in specific areas of your book, the relevant place manuscrupt needs to be labelled, in red, with the name of the picture file to insert. You may have a font preference. I can provide samples for you to check and decide on size, spacing etc. Minimal proof corrections are included but heavily edited textual changes would be charged at an hourly rate. It's better that I receive a fully edited, proofed document at the beginning of typesetting because changes affect the design and pagination.
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